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Individual Career Development Plan

The Individual Career Development Plan (IDP) represents a personal roadmap to enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities and contains three possible career paths. In addition, IDPs include your specific interdisciplinary learning goals, analysis of personal strengths and areas for development. The preparation of your IDP is based on your individual definition of career success, work and personal values and takes in your takeaway and contribution in previous projects.

During Thesis Committee Meetings you will review your scientific and professional expertise since the last meeting and discuss your next steps for reaching your career goals. Additional support is offered by your advisor as well as the research school office. A first Individaul Career Development Plan needs to be signed by all Thesis Committee members and shall be submitted to the research school office within the first year of your graduate studies.

At the University of Alberta all graduate school students are required to develop an Individual Career Development Plan to prepare for the post-university life.